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Well, That Was Embarrassing

I auditioned for the youth symphony orchestra yesterday. So I had prepared the piece on their website that said symphony audition piece: Trumpet. Made sense to me. Fastforward to the audition room: the aid asked me to play my solo piece. What solo piece? I told them I did not prepare a solo piece. Why would I? No one told me to. So I busted out the only thing I had handy, The Arutunian Trumpet Concerto and played it flawlessly. Big piece for a little guy, I was super proud to have that ready on the fly, like how cool was I?!? I was nailing this audition. Then I was asked to play the Philharmonic audition piece, to which I responded I'm auditioning for symphony, not philharmonic. Their response, you should have prepared both pieces please play the symphony piece you have prepared. So I begin, and a couple of measures in they stop me...IT IS THE WRONG PIECE. I had prepared the horn piece, as in french horn, not trumpet...Lucky me they offered to let me complete the audition late Monday night. Grateful they are allowing me to complete the audition, embarrassed I didn't scour their website to make sure I understood what was expected of me. When I checked out the site I found the audition specifics, right there, plain english. Big audition, big mess, big lessons learned.

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Dec 16, 2018

Aw, chin up. We all have stories like this one, though you seem to be much better at telling them than most people. :)

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