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I Thought Shopping Was Supposed to be Fun?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Equipment is a tricky element of college education. Many people downplay it due to the expense, but equipment matters. In my opinion, a student quality horn and a professional quality horn makes a difference in both the learning experience and speed in which one advances (and the pocketbook). The Schilke line has been solid for me; but when I try other horns I feel and sense possibilities that I do not on my Schilkes. Perhaps it is just novelty that would pass quickly. I wish there was a serious try before you buy period, like Amazon wardrobe, but for trumpets. A student forking out $5-10K for a horn on top of tuition is intense, not a purchase to be made without serious consideration. What if it is not suitable for practical use, and is only well suited for academic use? That is not something to discover post purchase. My confidence in a purchase simply cannot be there without taking it for a spin outside of academic walls. What I do at a jam session and at a stage performance is quite different than what I am focused on at school. Perhaps it is lack of experience or lack of exposure to a variety of horns, but I just cannot get acquainted with a horn in a half hour trial in an office. Maybe another trip to ITG is in order. For now, its me and my trusty Schilkes. Stressful!


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