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Very Merry

I cannot wait until next Christmas, it shows in my video's opening artwork, don't you think! (Haha!) So next year, I'm posting two Christmas videos and we will see if anyone can figure out which one I cut in 2021 (this one) and which I cut in 2022. I never expected to be in the place I am with my music until closer to graduating from Berry. Seriously though, when thinking back to last Christmas versus this one, the difference in who I am as a person and musician is unbelievable to me... I am so thankful to be with my family this holiday. And it is not just because they continue to support me by expanding my equipment collection! Truly, the last few years I was simply not clear in my mind, body, and soul; much of the holidays I spent self-isolating and just trying to get through them rather than finding gratitude and legit joy. Being a teen was hard, navigating court cases was hard, navigating bad influences was hard, college three years early was hard, and COVID life was hard. What got me through it all, improved my health, radically changed me, and helped me enrich my life and music were the people I am so very blessed to have around me. Shout out to my mom, Prof. Matt Leder, Grandma & Grandpa, The Bourbon Brothers, Detective Investigator Matt Henry & Company, Mr. Greg Gisbert, Detective Ty Hutchins, the team at Berry College, Mr. Sherman Irby, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Wiener, and Mr. Stephen Peppers. These people each left a major mark on me. Of course I will pay it all forward, the kindness, the relentless grace, the acceptance, the encouragement, the discovered joy, and the improved health. Merry Christmas, I hope you are all building cherished memories and surrounded by those who love you. (Additions to my equipment set up: an SHURE SM58, Rockville stand w/acoustic treatment, Bheringer U-Phoria U-M2 audio interface, and an H4n Pro field recorder.) #equipmentgeek

With joy, Nic


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