Teen trumpter Nic Scott wih his 1968 Selmer DeVille




I play 3 hours a day, study furiously with several private instructors, play taps at soldiers funerals, and am learning the craft of brass instrument repair. I have become somewhat accomplished in structurization of improvised solos. Genre? love big band, yet I am entranced by baroque music. Equipment: Schilke Eb/D (E3L), C (C3), and Bb (B3); Selmer Paris DeVille '68; Custom Built Strad 37 bell on Getzen valve block.


On the rare occasion my horn is in the case I'm waist deep in C.S. Lewis, checking out an art museum, and studying showjumping and dressage. I have a penchant for cardistry, illusionism, and all things rich with history and a patina. I'm clumsily developing wit and hope wisdom follows. I am a health nut, family focused, and enjoy learning about investments and wealth accumulation.

I am smart. I am also academically sound (3.3 GPA). Two distinctly 

separate matters. I transferred from Shorter University to Berry College at 16 years old and am a trumpet performance major. I was blessed with a mother and grandparents that value common sense, work ethic, formal manners, and resourcefulness.  I attribute my academic advances to a culmination of hard work and a basic respect for the opportunity to learn. I love my law classes and, of course, I am all about music theory.

Considerations: Not a dream...a plan, a feasible one. I am certain of three things: Assuming the economy will be predictable or stable is foolish, relying solely on a singular professional skill will limit my options during times of economic volatility, and our culture needs its youth to make civility, gentility, and compassion cool again. 


My traction: 

  • I am on track to complete college in 2.5-3 years with a concentrated focus in trumpet and advanced knowledge in government. 

  • I have established an endowment and scholarship program for one of my instructors. 

  • I am organizing an effort to improve the dysfunctional probate system I discovered navigating the aftermath of my father's homicide. This will require strategic relationships and my current efforts are focused on establishing key connections.


The position: I can become a professional trumpeter or as a back up I can become a lawyer focused on intellectual property or probate law. My law degree will provide me with the necessary flexibility to enter the corporate workforce if needed. Both degrees will cause me to be an asset in either area of committment.

Professional growth: I am a natural born educator, it is a family legacy. I will be a lifetime student and always be a student of life. As I grow within my professions I will become an educator and pay my blessings forward. As a first step I have begun offering beginning band students trumpet lessons on Wyzant. Click to Book!


Synopsis: I don't know for certain where my life will take me, but I know that I'll have a trumpet in my hand the whole time and never lose sight of the work God has set before me. I know I would be a person I don't care for very much if I had not discovered the magic mojo trumpeting gives me. I am on a mission to open the same door for any teen that may want to take a peak inside. Onlookers say I have big aspirations, doesn't everyone?  The difference is I have an unusual history that permanently ties me to them. My causes are a cherished part of my identity and that ensures I will stay the course, I will impact tons of lives along the way, and will never disengage from my plan.

"He's asking the questions my college students should be, at present he is my best student."

                                                             - Hunter Moss 2017





Highlights related to performances, education, and social contribution.

2020 Began study with Matt Leder.

2020 Taught first lesson On www.Wyzant.com

2019 Began studying with Marc Johnson (Berry College Alumn)

2019 Attended Mini MBA course, continuing education for lawyers

2019 Prepared a speech for Three Circles Foundation which I will be giving at local          

        churches to discuss the non-profit's impact

2019 Performing monthly with a high quality local jazz reading band 

2019 Attended the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair    

        Technicians annual conference

2018 Became a member of Roman Festival Brass 

2018 Began study with www.RobOpitz.com

2018 Scholarship to Shell Lake Arts Center Trumpet Week with Robert Bacca

2018 Stentson University Brass Week Camp

2018 International Trumpet Guild Conference

2018 Began with the Youth Trumpet & Tap Corps 

2018 Named www.TeenJazz.com Emerging Artist

2018 Invited to sit in Shorter Symphonic Winds Concert

2017 Joyful Noise Band 1st Chair

2017 Shorter University Honor Band Clinic

2017 Trion School Band 1st Chair

2016 Trion School Band 2nd Chair