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The Secret to Student Life

The idea of improv is intimidating...equally exciting. THE REALLY COOL THING: Improv is like the secret to student life. In student life we are given parameters such as

rules and social expectations which are like the chords. As long as the artist stays within the chord structure he/she can just have fun with it and make whatever magic they like. Practicing is like studying if the student fails to study the results are undesirable, the same is true for the artist that skips practices. If a student or artist gets into the right rhythm things go smoothly and are far less stressful. Being successful with improv means your work has impact and touches the lives of those around you. A Christian college student is likely to say the exact same in context of their overall success as a student. And the analogy can go on and on. You're smart, you get the point. Thank goodness this finally clicked and I do get the point. All life lessons aside improv teaches music students a good bit of theory, a ton of technical elements, and gives them an ideal platform for expression. If you haven't given it a go yet I recommend you dive in!

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Admin KAS
Admin KAS
18 de dez. de 2018

Words of wisdom!

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