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The Power of Four

I expected to make that kind of progress with The Hummel over the summer, not over the weekend. Here's the scoop: So my audition for the Chattanooga Youth Symphony Orchestra went well considering I only had four days to prepare four pieces. I cracked a note, missed a note, and my sight reading probably left something to be desired. I'm hopeful I am offered a seat, however, the value of the audition had absolutely nothing to do with the Chattanooga Youth Symphony Orchestra and everything to do with me discovering how much progress and traction I can generate in four days. WOW. I put The Hummel aside for the whole four days and when I went back to it my trills were the thing fairytales are made of, my slotting went from "eh" to "ah",

and my upper register work is coming easier, much easier. I had no clue I could even progress that quick. Identifying specific things to work on versus playing through all my pieces to improve a little with them all yields very different results. Wonder if that approach works for academics too...


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