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The Next Move

Soooo, I cannot return to Berry College to continue to my degree until the IL court's interference ceases. I had an offer from one of my private teacher's Matt Leder to join his performance band at Gadsden State. The big plus is over fifty performance dates and clinics with some prominent jazz players. I really do not have any other options that would maintain any forward momentum toward acquiring my degree. I could spend my time taking open source education in investment analysis and blockchain technology, but those are my mothers strengths and I feel strongly developing unique skill sets with strengths our family as a team more than acquiring skills in duplicity. Despite the daunting commitment to the three hour per day drive, I think I am going to go for it! It will keep me in multiple private lesson hours per week and give me quite a lot of performance experience...sadly, the college credit is of no value to my degree, but there is more to my development as a professional than just credit hours!


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