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The Musical Power of Academia

It is all coming together folks. Why do I need math and that silly honors English course my mom is so proud of. I just wrote a proposal to the Clocktower Jazz ensemble in Rome , GA soliciting their support in the development of a paraprofessional youth jazz ensemble. Budget - Math, cover letter - English, Proposal set up - Critical thinking, Code of Conduct Concepts - Cultural development... this academic stuff is pretty useful. If I am able to communicate the specifics of the idea effectively I suspect it will be well supported. I am most excited about providing local youth with a higher bar with respect to promoting a high quality fine arts culture. Professionalism and etiquette elements of the culture of the fine arts community has been severely degraded by the emergence of overly-casual culture in education and community event environments. Wearing pajamas to a private instrumentation session with your professor is in poor taste, performing in casual street clothes when ties surround every neck in the ensemble behind you...shame on you, attending a formal concert in audience sporting athletic wear is just as bad, and wearing hiking shoes to a performance as a musician is insulting not just to the ensemble members and donors, but the audience as well. These are things I've witnessed locally this year, sad but true. If I can inspire my peers to discover the delightfulness of a suit and fedora and bring back a little bit of the class that surrounded the jazz scene I'll have done good work in my community. None of this would be possible with sub-standard academic development. I need to command respect and attention with more than just my horn to provoke interest and ignite evolution in my community...Honors English and Speech and Communication, here I come.


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