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Teen Musicians: You Are In Good Company

Updated: May 9, 2018

For all 15 years of my life people have kept on reminding me that my perspective is limited. Doesn't help that I live in a small, ok tiny, sleepy community nestled in the north Georgia mountains. If I lived in a place like Chicagoland or NY, NY if I'd be surrounded by a large inventory of like minded emerging teen artists? The only source of connectivity I could think of was the web. While surfing I made one cool discovery that seemed to be created by and for teen artists: The concept is totally complementary to my mission. This isn't the same old "do this, do that" tone you get when you visit an educational site where adult's lectures are cleverly disguised as a cool website for us. This is a place that provides actionable and thought provoking content that teen artists actually want to see like content about the business/responsibility side of becoming a musician and a section that features emerging teen jazz artists... and I was just selected as one. (I'll circulate the link once the feature is live.) I'm really honored, excited, and hopeful that I can increase awareness of the site. Stay the course TeenJazz, I love what you do and intend to support your cause, I hope to become a content contributor soon!

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Dec 16, 2018

This was exciting, keep up the good work!

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