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Tapping Into My Trumpet's Impact

Totally consuming pin-drop silence...the survivor's grief is overpowering everything... even a bird chirp seems out of place. As the bugler's first g-note fills the air all the love, appreciation, sorrow, and unorganized emotions have a voice in a moment that words cannot suffice. Bugle calls have a universal and distinctly powerful way of demanding camaraderie, respect, and integrity. Taps in particular evokes inescapable collective respect from anyone within earshot. A trumpeter is the only instrumentalist that has a call to action embedded in the DNA of Americans. So look I'm 15, I want to be taken seriously, both as a musician and a young man. I am always on the hunt for ways to make significant contributions and am just beginning to discover how I can do that with my horn. The opportunity to provide live Taps for vets aligns my trumpeting and my quest for contribution. The Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps provides a platform for me to do it. This goes so far beyond properly honoring the soldier. There's an exponential impact to be made here. Every soldier's death creates a profound moment that captures the reality of what service really is all about. In this incredibly private moment many people feel an obligation to do life better. The death of a soldier brings forth the obligation to make the best of the freedom and American lifestyle the soldier dedicated his or her life to protecting. My sound can not only honor service men and women but help inspire folks by stirring up feelings that the digital-age-disconnect robs our entire culture of. How is there such a serious shortage of trumpeters who will take their time to do this? Players ought to be lining up for the chance to impact people with their horns. Seriously, what is going on with people? Is being flippant, self-centered, disconnected, and disrespectful really that cool these days. Ugh, just know there's a whole group of teens out there looking to ensure that each and every service person's funeral has a powerful moment that resonates with everyone in attendance for the rest of their lives. I just finished my training and am eager for my first call to play, be on the look out for a debrief of the experience on my blog. Let's make camaraderie cool again.


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