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Sound of a Soldier's Memory

I am forever polishing up my Taps and working on sound production so that I can not only provide the sound track of a soldier's memory but instinctively bow the head of anyone within earshot. I take my responsibility as a member of the Teen Trumpet & Taps Corps seriously so daily practice is critical. Being Memorial Day I decided to head outside and let the unmistakable melody resonate through my neighborhood. I hope all trumpet players took a moment or two today to share the sound of a soldier's memory because word's often fall short and us trumpet players are uniquely positioned to bring forth a moment or two filled with nothing but respect and appreciation for those who have fallen protecting our freedoms.

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16 Ara 2018

There's a guy that plays taps in my city on the first of every month at 6am sharp, gives me shivers every time! LOVE that you're doing this! Wish more kids were this cool.

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