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"Show Me The Money!"

My entire childhood, I have watch my mom put together incredible investment strategies for folks; occasionally, those strategies make a coveted 12% return seem like child's play. What I have learned over the years, studying her knack for this, is the intersection of a finely tuned industry skill set coupled with the element cashflow property yields particularly lucrative results. A suite of skills, experience, and strength produce the ability to see around corners, product sub-market movement early, and cultivate a variety of options for strategic advantage development as well as timely, savvy exits. We identified an asset that places all of our strengths, as a team, under a single umbrella and the numbers are strong, the risk is limited, and the opportunity for growth undeniable. Blockchain and crypto has been the space I have turned to out of interest, accessibility, and the above market average returns; that said the risk is prominent and my understanding of global economic drivers makes it clear this portion of a my investment portfolio should be relatively small. Drawing upon the strengths and proven capabilities we have seems to hedge against a lack of predictability and as an emerging investor that is the smartest, lowest risk first move. As my 18th birthday approaches, big decisions I have been preparing for a long while are happening, exciting times!


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