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I have a line of Schilkes...let that sink in a moment if you need to. I did, took me a whole week to get used to the idea. I jumped back on The Hummel with the Eb/D and I must say I have appreciated the difference equipment makes in performance, but my goodness. I feel like I've been trying to put a square peg in a round hole using the Bb for Baroque music for the last year. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly I have been able to polish up the more technical elements of the piece. Today I spent a good bit of time getting the C ready. While I am eager for the education that awaits with the horn, I most look forward to finally accepting the invite to play at my church. I am rapidly realizing that American's use of the Bb as the most prominent trumpet is quite odd. In any event I am planning to tinker with the B3 next! I am so very blessed that my mom supports my path and that my mom and dad made sure I could take advantage of my strengths and follow my dreams.


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