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Piece by Piece

I'm knockin' em out. The Hummel, The Haydn, the Arutunian. The greats that everyone that's anyone will give me a nod of respect for playing, especially when played well. Thank goodness for private study, I don't see the high school band director busting out The Hummel as the year end performance piece, I LOVE that I can work at my own pace. So now the question becomes how do I best dress them up as audition pieces? I don't have any interest in just playing them. I want the people listening to the tapes to smile because the musicality is quality enough that they cannot help but enjoy it and maybe smile a bit. I'm probably romanticizing the audition process, they've got like 3 bazillion tapes to listen to, what's one more Hummel, no matter how well it's played? Ah well, it my music and intend to infuse my soul into each and every measure. How can a music lover examining my audition pieces miss that?


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