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New Elevation Record: 6 feet

It is mystifying to me why people do not hike, climb, camp, look down upon the clouds, and just be outside...every chance they get. It is a reset button for the soul, at least mine anyway. A man I am honored to call my friend, Jesse Abbott, invited me to the great outdoors for well, whatever the weather would allow. Jesse has known me since I was literally half the height I am now. He has this messy, every evolving, always moving, and endlessly fascinating life. One day he is a stellar graphic designer, the next a sponsored mountain climber, the next a youth wilderness pastor, the next a missionary...the constant: he is sensational at whatever he pours himself into and the people around him are blessed to walk shoulder to shoulder with him! Similar to him, my life has challenged me to take an atypical path. Also similar to him, I have followed many paths trying on the good, the bad, and the ugly life has to offer. Jesse gives me inspiration to forge path and not concern myself with what I am "supposed" to do. While my choices are a bit more traditional than his, I would never have had the hutzpah or courage to pursue and advocate for who I am as an individual without his influence.

Back to the weekend! So we camped (with pizza, a new one for me), ventured into Helen, GA for coffee and eats, took in amazing vistas, he taught me the ropes of climbing (pun totally intended), and talked a lot. I may have not reached great heights in climbing (my current elevation record is an astonishingly unimpressive six feet as it was pretty wet and too advanced an environment for me) but I reached new heights as a human in embracing who I am and that is far more valuable than scaling those rocks. Thanks Jesse!


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