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My Entire Life Just Changed

Listen closely, do you hear that soundtrack music faintly in the background... I think that's Eye of a Tiger starting to crescendo...yes, that absolutely is. And what better song to help me set off to prepare for the very heard work that lies ahead at Berry. I know it will be rigorously, challenging, and redefine the parameters of my comfort zone, but it will also be completely, utterly, sha-mazing! Two pats excited, one part nervous. I am just 16 and not entirely sure I belong at Berry. Do I play well enough? Am I ready to be shoulder to shoulder with people that can gobble up the Hummel with little effort? My mother says I must be, or they would not have accepted me. Perhaps. All I can do is put my Berry best foot forward and have a lot of bad Berry puns at the ready (that everyone there has likely heard a million times) to distract them from missed notes and ill-timed entries. Seriously though, I know I am going there to learn, but feel a bit as if I should have a higher level of proficiency to be worthy of that new Berry sweater my mom just handed me.


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