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More Than JUST a Steeplechase

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

One part professional, one part crazy, two parts fun! I met quite the cast of character's today: Edison the race caller who also has a "cute little day job" working for NASA; The Bourbon Brothers who I share a stylistic/genre vibe with, and in the pinch I was in also shared AV equipment with (these guys have an exquisite sound, check them out); and Paul Meredith, equine photographer, who's photographic talent and personality are of equally high caliber, thank you for the stellar pics! A large chunk of events have emerging challenges as the event unfolds, this one was particularly interesting and I am thankful for each and every part of the day's rollercoaster ride! Getting air over the hills on the golf cart racing Edison and the steward (hi mom) around to find sight lines to the races, the opportunity to jam with The Bourbon Brothers (hate that I didn't have the time), the terrier races, and an impromptu performance at a local bar after the event for some of the folks started at the finish line. Just another day at the never quite knows where their trumpet will take them! PC: Paul Meredith (of course)


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