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Medicine at its Finest

A clear correlation between riding a horse and my digestive system having heightened functionality. I completely understand why doctors have been prescribing riding a horse for centuries. The positive impact on my digestive function is just the beginning, I have battled with impulsivity and high functioning anxiety my entire life; relentless daily agonizing digestive pain may be the culprit here but I believe I get the impulsivity from my father. They use horses for assisted learning, assisted psychotherapy, hippo-therapy and therapeutic treatments because of their efficacy. I am in a totally different emotional and physical state arriving at the stables and leaving them. I am calm. A short nondescript sentence likely not packing much punch for my audience of 7 (actually I think my blog follower count is up to in the twenties now). That statement is something I genuinely would have never expected to say for the rest of my life. Let that sink in a moment. I spent my childhood with no concept of calm; due to a lack of access to proper medical care when I was a wee lad I went through my life thinking the way I felt was totally normal and everyone was as miserable and in as much pain as I. Upon riding a horse in my teens and being able to identify the correlation I have to say the entire experience is downright magical! I am so very thankful my mother had the sense and practicality to infuse activities into my life that help me in my daily life like chess, latin, equestrian, and of course TRUMPET! I wholeheartedly believe everyone's education should include an equestrian component. Keep calm and ride on people!


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