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Making History

I have a blog...I have always wanted one of these. I am not starting this blog because I think I'm extraordinarily interesting (though it is quite possible that I actually am), I want to share the journey. While lots of teens are pursuing music as a career it is not a mainstream thing. How can I reasonably expect a person to differentiate what I am doing from what the casual high school band student is doing? Someone asks me what kinds of things interest me and I say I play the trumpet and they smile and nod approvingly as if to say isn't that cute. They don't say "Fascinating, and how are you making a social contribution within your studies" or "Where can I hear you play", they automatically assume I'm squeaking out a scale or two and playing elementary music on a student horn as an elective credit. I am taking the time to maintain this blog in hopes that people can discover why serious music studies in the teen years deserve an enormous amount of respect. The quest to become a quality musician builds character, shapes lives, ignites passions, saves lives, and upgrades social standards within the peer community. When young folks take it seriously the results are brilliant, even if the student isn't the next Louis Armstrong. So if you want insight into the power of this path drop by from time to time and do a little reading.


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