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Make it, or break it

With 2019 right around the corner it is time to make some big decisions! Which programs, which ensembles, which classes, which music, which instructors...all these decisions will shape me as a trumpeter and as a person. The thing is, I am self aware of one of my weaknesses. I suspect I share it with many other people and KNOW I share it with a lot of other trumpeters. I LIKE to practice what I am already good at; I NEED to practice what I'm NOT good at (yet). I'm really making amazing progress with improv and I want to "ride that wave", however, I recognize that polishing up my work and enhancing my musicality is beginning to lag behind. If only I could practice more than 4 hours per day without damaging my embouchure! So much music, so little time! I have my eye on Interlochen, but Oberlin's Baroque program is closer to home and and excellent place to make serious progress on my Eb... scholarship applications start coming due in just a month!


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