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Magna cum Laude

I suppose I'm trying to figure out how I define success. This definition is nuanced and a bit like looking into a prism. There is no clarity of the path to success from any view point or angle. I scored above the national average on the National Latin Exam! Whoo hoo!!!! Sort of... My score also positioned me in the bottom quarter of my class. I know the Lukeion Project is incredibly intensive and designed to produce students that score extremely high on the National Latin Exam. However, I genuinely feel I could have been closer to the top of my class. I was far from my best the three weeks leading up to the exam and did not prepare or study for it at all...I imagine if I had prepared I would have earned higher honors than I did. I'm signed up for the summer self paced curriculum, my mother is searching for a tutor for me, and I expect to be entering Latin II with a stellar foundation in the fall. Perhaps it is not the score or the class ranking but the organic drive to learn over the summer, to do more than the bare minimum, perhaps that is the biggest success that has come of this experience.


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