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Little Fish, Big Pond

In Nowhereville, GA there aren't that many emerging teen trumpeters. There are even fewer that possess the familial support or schedule allowing them to focus aggressively on their musicianship. Still fewer that have the means to acquire the equipment or formal education accredited universities are looking for. Where I come from I'm an outlier, an anomaly. And so I get a lot of recognition and attention for being an emerging musician to keep an eye on. An honor, no question about it. When I step outside of my tiny little rural community the inverse is true. I'm surrounded by musicians that have everything in their life architected for expeditious success. World class teachers, a music centric academic life, the means to participate in the absolute best education world-wide, and a family pushing them along. What I've discovered is that I'm a year into intensive music study and far accelerated compared to most with a year under their belts. However, I am behind those students at my grade level. If I maintain the pace I have been I believe I will catch up quickly on a national, even global scale. It's nice to have a little perspective as to where I fit in with my peers. I'm pleased with my positioning and eager to grow. Attending Stetson University's Brass Camp definitely gave me a regional perspective, I'm sure when I attend Shell Lake's trumpet camp next month I will acquire even more!


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