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Legal Ethics & Whatnot

Why I can play the blues with the pain, soul, and depth of an 80 year old sax player: My family has forever been unable to resolve the problems occurring in the IL court related to the trust my dad left me. My education, professional skills, mental well being, family relationships, and physical health have all been severely adversely impacted to the point of suffering. My family is all about focusing on the good, doing the best with what we have, and whatnot. The element preventing us from gaining traction toward a resolution to these problems is lack of access to representation willing to actually tell the court what is happening in my life and what my needs are. Please pause and re-read that...the attorneys hired and paid (handsomely) to inform the court of what my needs and life context are will not do so and I am not allowed to speak for myself due to, what they say, is an environment wrought with deeply rooted cultural norms that do not place case specifics, legal process, or the law's evolution in priority over their "way of doing things". There is no legal lever to pull on and there is no accessibility to even explore how to proceed. We found ourselves completely and entirely paralyzed and helpless...enter Donnya Banks, the first and only lawyer that finds the law's spirit, intent, and practicality to trump Will County, IL's "way of doing things". Regardless of how things turn out, Ms. Banks' willingness to simply do the right thing, no matter how inconvenient or challenging, has restored my faith in the legal system and made me realize more than ever before how badly our society needs ethical, prudent, and brave lawyers. I am eager to watch this woman go to work!


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