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Latent Sectional Lessons

Post Honor Band performance 2019

Shorter University is not the music program I would have set my sights on as it lacks the tweed and mahogany I always envisioned. I never toured multiple campuses and applied for a variety of schools, I just naturally progressed from private study to enrollee. Running the honor band sectional this week made me appreciate the opportunities I continue to be provided, compensating for the lack of Dead Poet Society like scholarly ambience. As a first year student, without any pedagogue courses under my belt, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to lead a sectional at all. I was tasked with preparing a small group of trumpeters for their ensemble rehearsal. All participants had all opted-in and paid to attend. Oddly, within the clique it was clearly uncool to show any interest in participating; eagerness to get done and go home was front and center. I had envisioned camaraderie and bonding with other young trumpeters…no such luck. I tried to keep them too busy to complain. It worked, they learned to play the music well enough for their ensemble the next day. I was left unsatisfied and exhausted; investing in the success of others is a surprisingly rigorous endeavor. It saddened me to realize how many of my current peer's attitudes were similar to the sectional participants. My growing sense of loyalty to Shorter is slowly causing an internal ethical uprising. I am the youngest student in the program, it is not my place to correct other students, but I will at least work to model a healthy contribution to the culture and hope to help department’s culture. I may not walk hallowed halls that wreak of accomplishment and international prestige and have shadows of the coat tails of hundreds of famous musicians, but I learn, apply, and have the footing and space to nurture my abilities. For that, I am, eternally grateful, and will always feel a sense of loyalty to the school. The least I can do it spread some positivity, example a little appreciation for the program, and encourage the students respect the professors.


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