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Key Is Not THAT Important, Is It?

Back up at the Brew House...walked in totally ready to kill it with another amazing solo...and I did, with my first one. Then things took a slightly more Caribbean turn, a genre I was not skilled in, a key I wasn't practiced in, and so I took a solo and quickly realized that indeed it was being in the wrong key that made it not quite right so I faded out. As much as I wanted to keep fading, right out of the universe, I could not. I quickly realized with the help and support of the other players, that indeed, it was not the end of the world but instead a right of passage. One I am pleased is behind me, but well aware will probably not be my last very public fail. It is interesting how the intensity and excitement of live performances is barely dampened by embarrassment!So I will proceed fearlessly...chin up, I'm learning and loving every minute of it. Until next time....


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