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I'm Challenging YOU to a "Dual"

Not a "duel", a dual. As in dual enrollment. EVERY high schooler can do this. It is mind boggling to me why they wouldn't! The state pays for like 99% of it and those with the ambition to "suit up" wind up with a high school diploma and 1-2 years of college knocked out by the time they complete high school. So yes, not a misprint, you can get your associates (or a good majority of it) and your high school diploma simultaneously. That means when it's time to head off to earn your Bachelor of Music or whatever degree you want, you will have time to practice and actually develop your music skills at the pace you want because you would have the option to take a slightly lighter course load OR get that masters in the four years everyone else is getting their bachelors in. This is a BIG deal. You should do this. Heck, everyone should do this. And check out the CLEP, particularly the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature test. I've noticed a good number of young musicians have read the literary classics and can understand multi-century writing styles better than average. If you pass the CLEP with the required score, BAM, one college english requirement or elective DONE (meaning 3 college credits). This would lighten the load for a year allowing you to spend more time developing as a musician. So yes, I challenge you to be creative, get to googling, and discover your own dual enrollment options. I'm having all kinds of fun getting enrolled in fifteen years old!


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