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Guess How Many Horses?

Wrong. 729. Don't feel badly, I didn't get it right when I guessed either...Anyway, that just happened compliments of one Harrison Couch. We cruised down to Caffeine & Octane in Atlanta and hung out with luxury and sports car investors because, well because why wouldn't any young man be all over that opportunity! I cannot thank him enough. Red-line revving a 1/4 Lamborghini Aventador worth $400,000 dollars and seeing a C2 style corvette was one heck of a way to close out the summer. In addition to the fun and games the big takeaways I have are that 1) all of these foreign and vintage car enthusiast mostly built themselves up as a team through the networks and communities around them; 2) people care more about the stories, people, and processes behind the acquisition of these cars more than the cars themselves. While I realized material things don’t matter too much, I just didn’t realize how non-material the industry actually is. Reality is, I have had the toughest summer of my life, stress filled, lots of growing, and the school of hard knocks graduated me with honors. I cannot thank Mr. Harrison enough for helping me take a breath and enjoy life a little despite times being tough. Be on the look out for an upcoming post: 729 Horses, The Sequel...when I will be driving one of these collectables!


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