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Fine Arts are Having a Moment.

Updated: May 4, 2020

"Joseph Church could have been anything he wanted to be. He chose to cook. The key he said...Jazz." quote of Charlotte Brooks in the movie Mr. Church. If you have not seen it, please do. Fine arts are a critical component of one's quality of life regardless of class, lifestyle, economics, or station. So many fail to realize it. They saunter by the mural on the building side, find the music in the movies they watch unremarkable, and pay little attention to the replica of a Van Gogh hanging on the wall of their office. Zooming in, they fail to realize it is that mural that they use as a landmark when discussing what neighborhood of Atlanta they live in, they don't stop to think that the reason they found the connection and went out on that first date with the fiancé was the discussion struck up over a Game of Thrones theme song ringtone, and forget quickly the VP of operations forged a relationship with them because of an appreciation for the artwork on the office wall. As I navigated the years leading up to declaration of my college major many cautioned me about the limited earning power, nominal usefulness, and even undesirable lifestyle a fine arts focused degree came with. These nay sayers seemed to have their perspective rooted in assumptions rather than facts and the data suggested otherwise. I welcome you to join me in taking a moment to encourage everyone to notice that as they shelter in place and struggle with it emotionally, as they are presented with an opportunity to do anything they want to do they turn to the arts. They read, the watch films, they take online museum tours, and then...they bond with others over it through discussion. Arts or the thread with which we are woven together and pursuit of an education in them and commitment to further them is a not just a respectable cause, but a noble one indeed. The arts are having a moment in the sun. As my 14 (maybe up to 16 now) followers now, I have blogged on this previously, but all this shelter in place activity has really allowed the arts to shine and this moment is deserving of another post.

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