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Everyone Has a Thing...What's Mine?!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I seem to have too many things. Just within the music industry, I have identified a couple of elements I am intensely interested and reasonably well skilled at. I can create scores and backing tracks quickly, efficiently, and tastefully. I get lost in it, hours pass unnoticed...what others describe as a daunting I find to be immensely pleasurable. Then there is my one true love, improvising solos. This craft takes time to hone. I have really only been playing for about four years, and been studying seriously for three of them. Theory is a necessary component and acquiring a mature and expansive library through absorbing every piece of music possible is also necessary. I spend every spare second focused on developing my ear and knowledge base. Even with the rudimentary knowledge and basic mechanics I am able to spit out a decent solo in a live performance environment, which I just realized quite a lot of professionals are not able to easily do. I'm messy, often make student mistakes, and need time to develop my stage performance skills, a particularly difficult thing to do mid-pandemic (sigh). Clearly both of these interests involve inventing unique sound, perhaps that is my thing no matter how it manifests.


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