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Emotional Growth Spurt Alert

Confessions of a fast tracked academic: Once I decided I would attend Berry College, despite not yet having been accepted, arogance abounded and I stopped engaging academically. When I found out acceptance are conditional I was…concerned! To clarify, I am terrified I completely blew it. I think I am figuring out that hard work is actually necessary to achieve, well, just about anything worth achieving. It seems to be unavoidable. Innovation is coursing through my viens. If a challenge presents I craft my own custom fix. When I frame it that way it sounds resume worthy. In a teen’s reality, this means I learn things, well everything, the hard way. Rather than use the wisdom acquired from other people’s trials and tribulations I ignore their valuable heeding and go on about my business my way, no matter how big or devestating a mess I create. It’s progressive! I am working on it. If I can incorporate that wisdom into my innovation designs surely more expeditious success will befall me. I acknowledge what the lesson is supposed to be, I genuinely hope I can learn it. I suspect I am in a state of shock, instincts are motoring my me forward in life today, and I am stuggling to drum up the confidence that I will be free from similar errors in the future.


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