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Brass U

Yep, you're talkin' to a Stetson University Brass Camp Alumni...So this is the first resident camp I've attended; bear in mind my perspective is limited, and I'm a small town homeschooler so my social skills are too. I was looking to further both my musical and social skills by attending. Safe to say I accomplished both.

What I loved: The "staff" included college students. This gave me a chance to understand what level they were playing at, get some insight into the life of a college music student, and learn a little about how to evaluate a college's music school. The music was challenging and I learned quite a lot.

What I liked: The campus was lovely, a setting rich with quality architecture providing just the right ambience for a music student to thrive in. The variety of playing experiences was refreshing private and group warm ups and practice, chamber settings, ensembles, master classes, and privates. Pretty sweet.

What I did not love: The lack of a dehumidifier controlling the air quality in the chapel, the inside of the dorms were very vanilla atmosphere with vinyl flooring and poor quality furnishings a stark contrast to the traditional brick halls boasting history and presence. Walking alone on the campus was a little unnerving.

What I learned: I have peers my age with my enthusiasm for music, I'm getting very close to making true music instead of just sound and I have confidence in the academic path I've chosen. I've got a long way to go in terms of social maturity, but I've come a long way and I'm pleased with that.


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