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Audition Piece Selection

This is tricky. Trickier than originally expected. From four years old on showmanship came naturally to me. It started with a rubix cube, progressed to illusionism, and on to cardistry. I really enjoy making people feel delight and wonder. Perhaps this contributes to my lusting after audition pieces that may set me up for failure. For example, I can play Alexander Arutunian's Trumpet Concerto it does not mean I am ready to perform it; nor does it mean the piece will best demonstrate my current ability and capacity. Despite my resistance, I am reluctantly accepting that the ideal audition is performed with a piece that is challenging enough to showcase one's more advanced skills while still being written simply enough that the player has complete command of the piece enabling them to introduce musicality and stylistic elements. I need pieces that allow me to connect with my audience, showcase my creative side, and present the correct level of challenge. In the absence of any guidance from private instructors I am doing my best, but this is way more involved that I expected!


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