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And the Winner Is...

Enter drum roll here...pause for dramatic affect...Nic Scott (enter confetti and a nice fan fare of well played Schilkes here). Ok, fine, I admit it. That is not precisely how it went down. My cell rang, I answered it, and Fleming Instrument Repair told me I had won a drawing that I entered. So thank you guys, that's the first time I have ever won anything. I can't wait for my mouthpiece to arrive as one can never have too much equipment to play with. Vendors run all manner of drawings to cloak their self-serving acquisition of your contact information in generosity to you. Sadly few companies actually every make good on their promises and give away what they say they will. (Karma's gonna get 'em for sure.) But these are stand up guys.

A little about Fleming Instrument Repair:

  • Handle sax, woodwind, and brass

  • Hiring

  • Generous and real pleasant folks

  • Stocked on Schilkes

  • Buy and sell used horns

  • Located in Houston TX, but you can ship your instruments if you aren't local

  • They are a small business, not a chain, and develop their staff through an apprenticeship culture (makes you like them already doesn't it)

Now I realize that these guys may be my competition some day soon but I give credit where it is due. Next time you're rambling around the exhibits at ITG, stop by and check 'em out. If their work quality mirrors the quality of the company's culture you're likely to be pleased. Click to visit their FB page.

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Diane Malik
Diane Malik
Jun 13, 2018

Nick, I'm so proud of you! You are talented on many fronts. Your passion for the trumpet is inspiring!

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