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A Teen Trumpeter's Love Life

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

The shadowy, the sultry, the smokey. Intense intimacy that tugs at your soul and your curiosities simultaneously. It is like a gravitational pull inevitable, inherent. I was rambling around ITG's exhibits playing this trumpet and that. Maturing my ear and my palate comparing the best quality brighter sounding trumpets with those not worthy of showing off my amazing trills. I stumbled upon the opposite of what I had been concentrating on and she stole my heart. That's what adults say, you'll find the right girl when you aren't even looking. I could listen to her forever. Standing in a room with thousands of people I was instantly oblivious to everyone but her. Her name is Austin. Well Austin Winds Balanced Ballad 1 if you're feeling an obnoxious need to be specific and abruptly end the love story. And I thought I was saving for a car...Bahaha!


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