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A Jazzy Little Christmas

As the holiday approaches talk of marching in Santa hats and performing in tuxes is all over the fine arts building on campus. This year I have spent a lot of lung and brain power maturing my improv and I really want to put it to great use this season. Christmas has always been brass infused around my house, but typically compliments of Pandora, not my own horn. This year I fully intend to dazzle my family with music to make their holiday unforgettable. I've set my sights on John Coltrane's My Favorite Things. The tradition it is rooted in ensures everyone will feel the spirit of Christmas rise within them when they hear it and the uniqueness makes me eager to share it. I am very fortunate to have a family that will enjoy that experience more than any tangible gift that I can give them. Trumpets have the ability to make a lot of merry and I intend to harness that power this holiday.


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