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A Day at the Races!

One of the most iconic bugle calls in the world, titled "First Call", will be spilling from my bell and filling the mile and a half racetrack at Kingston Downs this weekend. (Pause while staring off into the middle distance for dramatic effect.) I am incredibly excited and feeling honored to be calling the horses to post for the 2020 Oct 24 Georgia Steeplechase just outside of Atlanta. Want info? I don't blame you, it will be a remarkable event! Find details here:

Fun Facts:

-The tradition of a horn kicking off equestrian events was begun by the ancient Romans

-Early on Bugle calls were actually composed in the 1800s as trumpet calls in the key of Eb and translated into bugle, key of G, notation in the 1900s

-The USMC tinkered around with changing First Call's rhythm which is why the call sounds a bit different when performed by different horn players

-My mom is stewarding the race

-I'm a smidge nervous

To do list:

1) Decide if I am wearing a top hat to compliment whatever awesome thing I wear

2) Practice with the PA

3) Listen to a ton of calls to post online to get my confidence up (very few are actually well played technically or stylistically)

4) Practice without the PA

5) Avoid the COVID

6) Stop being bummed I do not have a herald trumpet to use


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