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Down to the Wire

There are 16 days to the beginning of the semester in January and I have not gotten my acceptance from Berry College. You may be thinking, "Look kid, it simply isn't going to happen...enroll in your current school and focus on the things you can control", but the thing is they told me I would not get a response to my application until the last two weeks of December despite the semester starting up in early January. ARRRGGG! I cannot imagine how stressful this last minute notice would be for students moving to campus from across the country rather than commuting from down the street. Happy Christmas and all that, but I really cannot think about anything besides my letter from Berry. Insert eyeroll here. I envisioned receiving my acceptance letter, visiting campus, meeting my tweedy brown counselor in his mahogany paneled office and selecting courses. The picture is more me on my tenth cup of coffee, unshaven for a week, clicking refresh on my inbox nonstop...My practice continues of course, but is overshadowed by my exhaustion and anticipation. I have no doubt while studying at Berry I will learn to harness these emotions and make some amazing music ;)


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